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27. Zimowa Konferencja Medycyny Ratunkowej i Intensywnej Terapii


Polskie Towarzystwo Medycyny Ratunkowej
7th INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF THE POLISH SOCIETY FOR EMERGENCY MEDICINE 28th Winter Conference of Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care PDF Drukuj
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Dear Colleagues,
The year 2019 marks the 20th anniversary of emergency medicine in Poland.
In 1999, when we were setting out to establish the emergency medicine specialization, launching the ministerial program „Integrated Medical Rescue”, and founding the Polish Society for Emergency Medicine, we predicted with
a group of pioneering enthusiasts that in 5-8 years we would achieve a fully shaped, satisfying model of emergency medicine. The passing years have convinced us of the rightness and the importance of the challenge. In particular,
what reassured us was the reactions of the society, which quickly acknowledged emergency medicine as a new quality in the health care system and increasingly use its benefits. The most striking example is the rapidly growing
interest in emergency departments and their function as permanent and reliable units providing emergency care in emergency health threats. Nevertheless, the personal, social, political and economic turbulence that has risen in
the meantime have been considerably slowing us down in reaching our goal of shaping emergency medicine within the Polish healthcare system. We are fully aware that we are still facing important challenges in this endeavour, which we
have undertaken with such enthusiasm over 20 years ago.
For this reason, and with regard to the financial, personnel and workload aspects, we have decided to undertake the joint organization of our three emergency medicine conferences, all deeply rooted in Polish tradition. These will be:
„CEEM 2019” Central European Emergency Medicine
7th International Congress of the Polish Emergency Medicine Society
28th Winter Conference of Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care Jelenia Góra,
20th–23th March 2019

We are convinced that the consolidation of these events under one common
“Emergency Medicine as a new quality in health care systems”
will be an excellent opportunity for further integration of our environment, both on the national and international level, a platform for the exchange of professional experience and a forum for building plans for the near and distant
future. According to our tradition, we will host numerous national and international authorities from renowned academic centres of emergency medicine.The choice of Jelenia Góra and the Mercure Hotel as a meeting place refers to
the tradition of our meetings, the mountain setting of the Karkonosze Mountains and the proven hospitality of this region of Poland.
The deliberations and accompanying medical, paramedical and nursing workshops will take place at the Mercure Hotel in Jelenia Góra and – traditionally – at the Mercure Skalny Hotel in Karpacz. It will also serve as the primary accommodation for our participants. The submitted papers will be published in an special monograph or in the next issue of the Polish Journal of Emergency Medicine. We encourage your participation in this unique event in 2019.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee
Prof. Juliusz Jakubaszko MD, PhD

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