Michał Dworzyński

  • Head of Emergency Department in N. Copernicus WWCOiT in Łódź

  • President of the Łódź Regional Branch of Polish Society for Emergency Medicine

Clinical work

Dr. Michał Dworzyński was born in 1983 in Łódź. He studied medicine at the Faculty of Military Medicine of the Medical University of Lodz. In 2010, he began specialization training in emergency medicine at the N. Copernicus Hospital in Łódź, which he completed, and later continued his work as an emergency medicine specialist in the emergency department of the parent unit. At the same time, he worked in ambulance medical rescue teams and the Polish Medical Air Rescue.

Since 2021, he has been the head of the ED in WWCOiT N. Copernicus Hospital in Łódź.

Professional interests

Professional interests of Dr. Michał Dworzyński cover the issues of intensive care in emergency medicine, the use of ultrasound in emergency medicine and management of emergency departments.