Professor Krystyn Andrzej Sosada


Professor Krystyn Andrzej Sosada

  • Chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine, Silesian Medical University in Katowice, Poland

  • The University of Applied Sciences in Nysa, Poland


Clinical work

Professor Krystyn Sosada is the Chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine, Silesian Medical University of Katowice, Poland. Prof. Sosada earned the title of general surgery specialist (1st degree) in 1982. In 1988 he completed his 2nd degree in this specialty. He became a specialist in emergency medicine in 2003, and in 2004 he completed his specialty training in the field of public health. Between 2001 and 2016, he served as an emergency medicine consultant for the Silesian voivodship.

Teaching and research

From 2002 to 2005, Prof. Sosada initially served as Vice-Dean before becoming Dean of the Faculty of Public Health at the Silesian Medical University of Katowice, Poland. His research findings have been included in over 400 scientific publications, including 193 published in various Polish and international journals. He has been the scientific editor of three textbooks, a co-author of nine books, as well as 40 chapters in books related to the fields of emergency medicine and surgery. Furthermore, Prof. Sosada has reviewed 13 books and 18 articles pertaining to emergency medicine. He has been also an advisor to 17 doctoral candidates, as well as a reviewer of 28 doctoral dissertations. Prof. Sosada has served as a reviewer of seven academic professor applicants, and chaired numerous habilitation committees. He has been a specialty supervisor for 19 physicians during their emergency medicine specialty training. He has organized many scientific conferences and post-graduate educational sessions for physicians and paramedics. He has served eight times as the Chief Referee at various Polish and international EMS Championships, including the first European EMS Championships in Olsztyn, Poland (2010).

Prof. Sosada initiated and co-wrote the curriculum of the first undergraduate educational program for paramedics in Poland (2001). Moreover, he organized the first undergraduate course for paramedics in Poland in the academic year of 2000/2001 (Faculty of Medicine, Zabrze, Poland).

Prof. Sosada has been a member of the Board of the Polish Society for Emergency Medicine since 2002, serving as the Board’s Vice-President between 2004 and 2011. He is a member of the Association of Polish Surgeons, and since 2016 has been a Board member, and Chairman of the Burns Section.

Organizational work

Prof. Sosada is a member of the Polish Accreditation Committee, an organization which assesses university faculties of medicine, as well as undergraduate EMS and public health programs. He also serves as the President of the National Examination Board for the emergency medicine specialty exam in Poland. He is an educational courses coordinator for emergency medicine which is organized for physicians by the Regional Medical Chamber in Katowice, Poland.

He also serves as the Chairman of the Bioethics Committee of the Medical Chamber in Katowice. Between 2006 and 2015, Prof. Sosada was a member of the Scientific Council in the Polish Ministry of Health.

In 2001 Prof. Sosada was honored by the Polish Ministry of Health for his organization of the first undergraduate educational program for paramedics in Poland. Notably, in 2012 the Polish Council of Paramedics awarded him their PRO OMNIUM BONO as recognition for his long-standing commitment to the development of emergency medical services in Poland. His other distinguished awards include: the Medal of the National Education Committee (2001), the Silver Cross of Merit (2004), the Gold Cross of Merit (2013), the Gold Medal “For Long-Standing Service” (2011), and the Silesian Medical Chamber’s Gold Badge “Merit for Doctors” (2009).